What is face toner and do I really need it?

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I get this question a lot, and the short of it is - yes! A face toner is just like a hair prep spray or a nail base coat. The difference though, is that toners do different things, depending on your skin needs - which is why they are so amazing!

If you have dry skin, you'll want a toner specifically formulated for dry skin because it will contain humectants, which help to bind moisture to the skin. Similarly, if your skin is more oily and acne prone, an appropriate toner will have astringent properties and contain oils that regulate sebum production on your skin.

Most important though, the TRUE purpose of a toner is to regulate your skin's pH balance. Our skin is naturally acidic, with a pH balance between five and six (on a scale from 0 to 14). Often times, after we cleanse our face, our pH level can become too acidic and strip our skin of natural oils. This can result in even drier skin for those who already have dry skin, or if your skin is oily it will start working overtime to return to its normal levels - resulting in more oil than usual. Using a toner can help restore this balance quickly. And balanced skin means that your moisturizer can work more effectively. 

The best skin care routine is wash, tone, serum, moisturize - and do this two times a day for the ultimate skin health

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